Full-Time RVers without the RV!

We had hoped to be living and working full time in our RV by now. The last thing we needed to happen was for our house to sell and unfortunately that has been delayed indefinitely. However, everything else is complete and once the house sells, we become debt free, buy our RV, and off we go. Presently we are on our second major road trip since we decided to go full time. It is almost like being full time RVers without the RV!

Most full-time RVers have a RV. We do not! We have a 2012 Honda Civic and have become quite adept at couch surfing. Our first road trip was 35 days, just over 4000 miles and started in December 2014. We traveled from Lake Oswego, Oregon to Boise, Idaho to Las Vegas, Nevada to Mesa, Arizona to Palm Desert California to Las Vegas, Nevada to Orange County, California and then back home to Lake Oswego, Oregon.

The longer we traveled the more we realized how much we are looking forward to our new life!

Our first destination was Boise, Idaho. We spent Christmas with our youngest son Josiah’s girlfriend Hanna’s family. It was our first time meeting them. They are a delightful family and we had a wonderful time. I jokingly say it was like the movie “Meet the Fockers” but it was really the opposite as they were so very warm and welcoming. On our first full day Hanna’s parents, Mike and Kim, took us out for a sleigh ride complete with snow, and coffee laced with Baileys. Mike and his brothers own Snake River Yamaha in Boise so we are looking forward to extremely fun family reunion adventures in the future!!!


After Boise it was time for us to head to Las Vegas to visit family and friends. Laurie’s family came to Las Vegas in the early 1960’s when her Uncle, Eddie Jaffe, opened the world famous Flame Steakhouse on the Las Vegas Strip. Although it has been closed for many years, the original neon sign is enshrined downtown in the Neon Street Museum.


Our intention after visiting Las Vegas was to go to Elkhart, Indiana to purchase our fifth wheel from Tiara RV. The weather continued to be miserable across the midwest so we decided to postpone our purchase. I had been searching for an RV for several months by this time and my wife Laurie and I had decided on a new Redwood 38GK. While waiting for the weather to clear I found a similar deal at Southwest Coaches in Indio, California.


We were sure this was it but at the last minute things came undone and so our search continued. We returned to Las Vegas and while searching the internet I came across a beautiful 2014 DRV Traditions at Whiskey Mountain RV in Mesa, Arizona. The interior of this rig is the closest thing to perfect we have found yet. Unfortunately, after spending the night in this rig we decided that the rear living area was just too small for us. This wrapped up our RV shopping for this trip. We headed back to Las Vegas and then on home to Lake Oswego, Oregon with more questions then answers. I found myself once again questioning new vs used, fifth wheel vs class A, gas vs diesel, and minimum vs maximum length. I was disappointed to return home without our rig but glad that we are taking the time to get this right.

This Is Where It Begins!

How does a person start a blog about his life. It isn’t like blogging about stamp collecting, or paleo cooking, not that there is anything wrong with stamp collecting or paleo cooking. It is just that people’s lives are so much more complex than a single topic. This blog is primarily about transitioning to full time RV life. It is also a blog about my life, my journey, and my propensity to go down what I call “rabbit holes”.

I am a trained hypnotherapist and as such I am convinced that we all live our lives in various states of trance. Some deeper than others! I believe that knowing this as a fact allows you to choose which trance you are in. It is my sincere hope that this blog with provide you with great information, good tools for living, and stories that will entrance you.